Ysport is a proudly local sport apparel brand with its roots imbedded in Cape Town. Ysport prides itself on a uniquely local end to end supply chain which comprises various local businesses.

The core focus of the business is currently the design and manufacture of sports apparel to sports clubs throughout South Africa. By kitting teams out in bespoke Ysport apparel with the optional extra of redesigning club logos, club customers enjoy an image overhaul, reigniting their performance on and off the field.


Ysport was founded by Yaasir Jacobs as a part-time business while he worked full time in his family business. Having grown up on the fields of Salt River Football club where his father was once chairman, when the prospect of starting a sport business presented itself, Yaasir jumped at the opportunity. By harnessing his deep passion for sport and his natural flair for design, Yaasir created the Ysport brand, the first South African brand of its kind.


At the heart of the brand is its fundamental belief in community, integrity, originality and quality. Ysport’s vision is driven by Yaasir’s belief that sport is life’s great equaliser. In the context of a country that is characterised by its severe inequality and poverty, the Ysport brand aims to aid, empower and uplift communities through sport by giving them a credible and confident presence on and off the field while kitted out in their Ysport apparel.

Throughout the value chain Ysport seeks to partner with other local small business who share its values and ethos. One of its strategies is to employ and upskill low skilled youth from impoverished communities and grow them within the business.

Ysport’s vision for the future is to become a global brand while maintaining its uniquely South African heritage.